"Upside Down and Backwards"
by Annette Rawlings

All of the images in the book are available in a limited edition of 250 17"x22"prints for $150.
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Each book has a soft cover, 200 pages, 28 color paintings, 32 lb. paper, 7"x9."

Each book is signed by the author and includes two prints for framing.


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by Annette Rawlings

The book contains photographs of all of Rawlings' art work, in color, and the history of each series from 1959 to 2000, including a DVD of her Performance Art, Art film and Annette in her studio. The book was created in the Coptic tradition of the first bookmakers. Each book is hand-bound with an original painted cover on French Linen. The spine is exposed showing the three hand­sewn signatures (50 pages). The book contains original hand­painted folios and personal notes from the artist. There is a signed print from the "Palm Beach Dream Series" that is ready for framing.

Signed and numbered,
the book is a limited edition of 250.

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