The concept of the Paris series of paintings is more abstract in nature. Each painting is derived from the female figure. I use a life model for the beginning sketch. Then I begin to eliminate all but a few lines, leaving only the essential lines I need to express a segment of the figure. The compositions, forms and colors were created during my stay in Paris.

The window views and interiors were composed in Paris and Bruges. The landscapes and flowers were developed during my trip through the countryside of France and Belgium. The cats were created in Montmarte.

This is a concept where reality and fantasy combine to create a dream-like state while I sketched, composed, and developed colors for each painting.

Prints are available on 100% cotton archival paper or canvas, edition of 10.

Small (18" x 24")

Medium (24" x 36")

Large (24" x 45")


A Renaissance technique is used to apply oil colors to linen. The linen is from Belgium, hand stretched over wooden stretchers and secured with copper tacks. Then I create a rabbit skin glue. This is accomplished by soaking rabbit skin crystal in water, which then rises to form a gel. The gel is put into a double boiler and heated into a liquid and at a specific temperature the glue is brushed onto the linen to seal it so the oils can be applied. The oils are hand made and mixed according to Renaissance formulations.

Oil on canvas

The canvas is gessoed with a tempera base; several applications are used. Hand made oil colors are used over the tempera base creating brighter colors. I am using this technique in my "Tropical" series.

All paintings are available as prints on acid free paper in a limited edition of 25. Paintings are also available as a giclee; a limited edition on canvas. Each print or giclee is signed and numbered by the artist.

All exhibitions have a limited edtion poster of 500 signed and numbered by the artist. Exhibitions are listed in the biographical data.